Played 35 – Won 16, Lost 16, Drawn 3, Aban 0, Cancelled 5


Most runs:                        663     Tim Keleher

Tim Keleher                        2     137  v Richmond,  100 v Wimbledon
Dean Allen-Turner              1     106* v Dunsfold
Chris Ledger                       1     100* v Tilford

Most hundreds/fifties:          5     Tim Keleher

Fastest hundred:            77  balls     Tim Keleher  v  Wimbledon

Fastest fifty:                  23  balls     Saikat Barua  v  South Hampstead

Most sixes:                        14     Shahzeb Mohammed

Most fours:                        94     Tim Keleher

Best strike rate (5+ inn)      142     Saurav Sen
(runs per 100 balls)

Highest partnership:           124     Tim Keleher, Rohan Ghosh  v Deutsche Bank (1st wkt)


Most wickets:                     29     Saikat Barua

Five Wickets and over:

Khush Khan                  5/34     v Reigate Pilgrims
Saikat Barua                 5/64     v Richmond

Most successive
wicket-maidens:                3     Eddy Barreto v Barnes (2)                 (RECORD)


Most catches in the season:    7     Eddy Barreto, Saikat Barua, Rohan Ghosh, Saurav Sen

Most run outs in the season:   2     Saikat Barua


Highest team score in a match
batting second…and lose:    309/10       v  South Hampstead       (RECORD)

.                                                             Runs/Wkt   Runs/Over

Total batting average for season:         24.44            5.0

Total bowling average for season:        25.73            5.1


Highest innings total by Opposition: 342/6   South Hampstead               (RECORD)
Lowest innings total (95) and Largest margin of defeat (210 runs) v Bucharest Utd

Most runs conceded:
– in an over:          26   Saurav Sen v Shenley Village            (EQUAL RECORD)
– in an innings:    100   Eddy Barreto (in 6 overs) v  Sawbridgeworth (RECORD)

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