Date Opposition Result
Sun  29 Sept Great Missenden Pelicans Canc – rain
Sat  28 Sept Kew Won by 52 runs
Sun  22 Sept Youths v Veterans Youths Won by 9 wkts
Sun  15 Sept Headley Won by 69 runs
Sat  14 Sept Hawridge & Cholesbury Canc
Sun 8 Sept East Horsley Lost by 2 wkts
Sun 1 Sept Barnes Drawn (but close)
Sat 31 Aug Hon Artillery Co Won by 3 wkts
Sun  25 Aug Wimbledon Won by 2 wkts
Sun  18 Aug Hemel Hempstead Town Canc – rain
Sun  18 Aug Acton Canc


Final positions 2019


629    Nitin Chaturvedi
592    Tim Keleher
456    Rohan Ghosh
381    Harsha Gandadi
339    Saikat Barua
281    Jai Singh
233    Amit Shanker
222    Praveen Lekhraj
167    Neeraj Nayar
153    Stefanos Nayar
115    Tim Russell
114    Sid Chhibbar


21   Neeraj Nayar
17   Seethal Tharakan
16   Adam Sumner
15   Saikat Barua
13   Nitin Chaturvedi
11   Wajid Tahir
10   Sunil Amar
8     Saurav Sen
7     Sid Chhibbar
7     Bernard van Vuuren
6     Ryan Konson
6     Rajat Mehta

SANPOINTS – See system

226    Nitin Chaturvedi
202    Saikat Barua
172    Tim Keleher
125    Rohan Ghosh
119    Harsha Gandadi
116    Neeraj Nayar
96     Praveen Lekhraj
94     Adam Sumner
77     Jai Singh
72     Wajid Tahir
72     Seethal Tharakan
65     Bernard van Vuuren


By Mark Jefferson

Dear All

Thank you very much to all of you who attended the Annual General Meeting on Thursday night – much appreciated. For all of you who didn’t, shame on you – and, indeed, more fool you. It was an absolute ripper and became highly charged when Blazergate really kicked off …see more


2018 Newsletter from KCC India

By Rahul Sengupta

There are four seasons in most parts of the world. Summer, winter, fall and spring. There are only two in India. Hoo-haa and Ho-hum. At least for the 60 and counting lot that we are, who play for KCC India. …Read more…

A Valediction

By San Gore

“The time has come”, I said, unstrapping my pads in the pavilion after a streaky innings on the Devon tour. Jamie stood there, unbelieving. But I knew. Every cricketer knows, although too many continue in the hope it is just a lack of form and that a hundred (or even a fifty) is around the next corner. The love of the game, the banter in the dressing room, the camaraderie on the field, all contribute to delaying the inevitable decision to hang up one’s boots.…Read more…


2017 Newsletter from KCC India

By Prahlad Tanwar

Everyone in India grows up playing ‘gully’ cricket, with a rubber or tennis ball, makeshift stumps and bat. A privileged few play the real game. Every young man believes he would make it to a first class cricket team if he wasn’t pushed into a career in medicine or engineering. But all are armed with fanatic passion, questionable understanding of the rules, and constant exposure to the sport, making cricket the one great love that won’t go away.

When Deepak ‘the drama chandra’ came back in 2016, with a British passport and plans to relive his passion for cricket in Mumbai, the KCC India flag was bound to fly there.…Read more…

What Kind of Club is This?

By Saurav Sen

“It’s not that kind of club”, said my friend Unmish quietly when I turned up 30 minutes before the start of my first ever game for KCC and asked what warm-ups we would be doing. With that, I was in. This was going to be my kind of club….Read more...

My Time in London and the Formation of KCC India

By Deepak Ramachandra

The highlight of my thirteen-year stay in London has got to be playing cricket in the English summer. Not just any cricket, but for Kensington Cricket Club, undoubtedly the high point of my life in England… Read more…



Kensington’s Monastic Values

By Oscar Jefferson

03-Oscar-IMG_8738The order of the day for these pieces seems to be, if the work of my esteemed predecessor is anything to go by, a strange analogy that illustrates the values of Kensington. In that vein, an historical comparison might help get to grips with the subtly distinguished entity that is Kensington Cricket Club.

In a time before Blumberg, as St. Benedict was writing his strict code of conduct for monastic life, Sunil and San were …Read more…

Down Memory Lane – The first Tour to Rome – 1987

A reminiscence by Ian McLean

21-McLean-cimg3032After a long, hard season of English cricket it is only natural that come the last day of September the true Kensingtonian turns his back on the autumnal twilight and seeks yet more cricket in more comfortable climes – such as Rome. This trip was hosted by two now long-term friends, Alphonsus (Alfonso) Jayarajah and Massimo (Max) Da Costa, of the Capannelle Cricket Club. … Read more…

The Kensington “Brand of Cricket”

By Mark Jefferson

03-Jeffers-IMG_7178Apparently, it is no longer enough to play cricket. Cricket is given to words – innuendo, jargon – which means we must now all play a “brand of cricket”. After the recent World Cup debacle for England, included in the post-mortem management speak was the assertion that England had “let themselves down and been unable to play the brand of cricket they set out to play”. I’m more in the Geoffrey Boycott camp – like their language, their cricket was just “roobbish”. Read more…

Down Memory Lane – Beer, Bavaria and a Brothel – 1991

A reminiscence by Michael Blumberg

30-Blumberg-IMG_6192Vinoo Nath and I met in Kensington not much past dawn and motored south to Clapham where we met Tony Brennan. Tony had not yet begun his distinguished diplomatic career and at the time drove a brand new large limousine provided by the company for whom he then worked. We were off to Bavaria and Austria to play cricket under the banner of Cricket World XI with several KCC members. We were making good progress on the autobahn when …Read more …

46th Annual Dinner and Dance

Held at the St. James’ Court Hotel on Saturday 17 November 2018. This black(ish) tie and colourful blazers event was attended by 108 members and guests.

Amid warm applause Ben Goldschmied and David Behar were inducted into the KCC Hall of Fame, and each awarded the Maroon Jacket for their dedication to the Club.

Ben Goldschmied and David Behar hold the Adelaide Cup

More photos of the event in GALLERY under KCC Dinner 2018