La Mascarada


By Ravi Mantha and San Gore    (photos by Kavitha Mantha)


In the heart of Costa Blanca lies the town of Altea,
Up the old town steps we lurch, to the plaza by the church.
Welcome to La Mascarada, a different sort of cocktail bar,
Drinks sublime, so sweet and strong, and masks that line the walls along

But beware, the masks be secret mirrors, your inner self reflects
Be careful where you choose to stand, your character detects.
So pick a mask to pose with, be your own self true
The camera will flash your choice and bare the inner you.


First to pose was Neeraj Nayar,
Possibly a choice in error?
The mask reveals an attention-loving baby,
A hint of truth in that maybe!
Chris Ledger portrays with a bird,
Our feathered friend’s a noble one,
What you see is what you get,
Straight-shooting, loyal, pleasant, fun.
Ravi Mantha picked a generic face,
Of indeterminate nationality and race,
Well-travelled, jet-lagged, so half dead,
And longing for his cosy bed?
…With wife Kavitha, an African dancer,
Flamboyant, graceful, a born entertainer,
Sociable, elegant and what’s even more,
She can dance, she can sing,
……and certainly score.

No mistakes for the twins of true faith, but by religion they are divided,

Ravi Kannan chose Ganesha, whilst Elias the bearded mullah decided.

A well-adorned statue, vanity’s no vice,
A mere mask for him would never suffice.
Preening and lording over the rest
Our very own Bloomers puffs out his chest.
A bowler (fast) who cannot run
Except when he is bowling,
Farrukh Hasan brings out the sun
Wherever he is strolling.
Sarwar picks a flameless dragon
With a wicked toothy smile,
The Mighty Wah is bigger by far
But with such a gentle style.
Shall I compare thee to……a Stammtisch night,
Drink deep through teeth unclenched,
Beneath a mild-mannered San
Lurks a terrier unquenched.
Tongue size DOES matter, all women will say,
A mouth open wide, tastes better that way.
Presidente Sunil is the team’s alpha male
Do NOT try to catch this Tiger by the tail.
Jamie takes to a mask strong and resilient,
Aggressive in nature, laughing, ebullient,
Nothing revealed, the mirror gives up the game,
The inner and outer Jamie are one and the same.

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