By Mark Jefferson

Dear All

Thank you very much to all of you who attended the Annual General Meeting on Thursday night – much appreciated. For all of you who didn’t, shame on you – and, indeed, more fool you. It was an absolute ripper and became highly charged when Blazergate really kicked off (see below). If you only take 3 things from the Minutes that you can do for your club, they are as follows:

1    Support the Annual Dinner.  Partners and guest tickets slashed to £70.

2.  Help with recruitment. Youth/Vets cut-off was 42 years, which is not ideal. We are proud of our multicultural and non-ageist tradition but we need some new blood on the pitch. Please tap up people at work, anyone you know who might be a young and able cricketer. San has Yearbooks if you need promotional material. We’ve had a handful of fantastic new members in the last few years, but we need more.

3.  Support the winter nets – start in January and we will have one monthly social after nets – ideal time to introduce new members.

If Brexit to Britain is extracting an egg from a cake, what might a blazer be to KCC?  Will Strathmore become our Chequers? It was also noticeable that previously stony-faced meeting-dwellers Chris Ledger, Tabrez Khan and Dave Behar turned into a trio to echo Barnier, Tusk and Juncker once in an ante-room of power with a Cobra in hand. Somehow I don’t think our leader is finished yet in his quest for traditional values, a global Kensington presence and simple respect for the badge to support a sustainable legacy. He has some big-hitters behind him, but the rebels are having none of it. See extract of minutes below. Found it all a bit stressful so I’m off to The Cotswolds for a week to walk my border collies. I hope you all have as spiritually nourishing a week as I hope to.


“And finally…. Blazergate. We have had the online opinions and this is proving a divisive issue.  It is seen by some as advantageous to identity, status and heritage, to others as retrograde and a turn-off to youngsters and to others as not really worth getting worked up about either way.  The meeting sanctioned the principle of Sunil pursuing the initiative but the issues of design and financing leave issues to discuss.  Watch this space.

A big Thank You from me to all for attending and the positive discussion. The club is in rude health. Thanks, as always, to our host Mr Harp Matharu and the Strathmore Grange.”