We are a London based social cricket club.

As a wandering side, we do not unfortunately have a home ground. We travel to most of our games across the south east and in and around the London metropolitan area.

To learn more about our history please visit OUR HISTORY.

As a social club, at Kensington Cricket Club, or KCC for short, we pay a great deal of attention to making the club, the cricket, the people and the day out for cricketers and their families an enjoyable one. We play our cricket well, we play tough but above all we try and play it fair.

To learn more about what the club means to all of us, please see this short film we screened at our annual dinner and dance, lovingly made by our members.

We are lucky to be sponsored by two terrific SPONSORS — COBRA BEER and JOHNNIE WALKER.

If you are interested in playing for us, visiting us at one of our games or simply saying “Hello” drop us a line at [EMAIL ADRESS HERE] or contact any of our CLUB OFFICERS.

Team Photo Youths vs Vets 2009

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