Messages from our Patrons

50-Year Anniversary of Kensington Cricket Club

The Rt Hon Lord Bilimoria of Chelsea CBE

As the first ever patron of this incredible cricket club, it is with great pride and it is truly the greatest honour to congratulate you all on 50 golden years of sheer dedication, sporting achievement, teamwork and camaraderie at its finest. It has been a real pleasure to have watched the club flourish and grow over the last two decades into a truly treasured asset of the Kensington community and surrounding areas, providing a source of inspiration for all age groups. Read more …

The Rt Hon the Baroness Prashar of Runnymede CBE

Congratulations to Kensington Cricket Club and to all its members for scoring half a century with such grace and dedication.

Kensington CC, which was a small acorn, has grown into an oak tree. Oak tree symbolises leadership, courage, wisdom, endurance, steadfastness, generosity, dignity, caring, durability and life itself. The members of this Club encapsulate all these qualities. Their leadership, their vision and their steadfastness deserve our respect, admiration and gratitude. They have made incalculable contribution to lives of individuals, families and the community, and indeed life itself. Read more …

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